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Forever Business Earnings

Forever Business Earnings: There are like 5 🖐🏾Major Benefits of Doing business with Forever Living Products:

1.) Retail Business (Profits)

2.) Monthly Commissions/Bonuses pair every 15th

3.) Free Global Travels (2 times a year)

(a) Global annual Rally

(b) Eagle Manager’s retreat

4.) Earned incentive Qualification

5.) Profit Share

No 1: Profit Benefit

Retail Business opportunity 💰

Just like the normal conventional businesses.

Forever Living Products are Consumables.

So we offer values to people…Inform of helping them to solve their problems.

Lot of people have Health challenges, some want to prevent certain health challenges, some have skin problem e.t.c

We offer Solution to these group of people in the HEALTH and SKINCARE industries.

Remember, we leverage on the internet to sell (Marketing) these solutions (products) so you don’t have to hawk these products.

For Example, You buy a weight Management product (clean 9) from the office @N25,000 for example and then resell to someone that wants to lose weight…Say for N30,000

You have made a profit of N5,000 on that one product sales.

Problem identified: Weight Management

Problem Solution: Clean 9

Doing these is called Retail business.

Your income source is retail Profits.

No 2: Profit Benefit

Monthly Commissions/Bonuses

Remember, in our Business, what we do is NetWORK Marketing.

From the Benefits no 1 (above) what we are doing is the “Marketing” first…

Now, to enjoy benefits no:2, you now need to combine the “NetWORK” aspect of the business to the “marketing”.

That’s when you start getting paid bonuses monthly.

…And this “NetWORKing” aspect of the business is what I also refer to as “recruiting”

It simply you…Sharing with as many people as possible how you are able to create a system of “retail business” as above ….Which was bringing you daily or weekly retail profits.

You now see why it’s important to first do the business.

Why it’s important to start with Marketing of the company’s products.

You get proofs and feedbacks from clients you sold products to….You yourself gets to use some of the products, and like I always say…Marketing gives you lot of skills and experience needed in this business.

I want you all to understand that in this business, the incentives are there already…

But it’s only those that believe that receives.

Only those that are ready to achieve ​these…

Only for those that are “consistently” putting the little effort to work…And those that are “persistently” trying to make it work.



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