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Story of Lagos House Wife on How Her Husband Treat Her Well in Bed

An Open Letter To All Men Out There…A Confession
of A Newly Married Housewife Who Lives In Lagos,
“I Actually Needed More From Him But He Keeps Disappointing Me And Ends As Soon As He Starts”


My name is Nene, a trader trading in one of the biggest shopping mall in Lagos. 

I am married to my husband of two years and the truth is that even though I had enjoyed every bit of the relationship right till we got married, I am beginning to get frustrated right now because of one main issue I have been battling with.

And that is when my love making session with my husband started going all the way down. It got to a point that he spills his milk immediately after 3 minutes. 

This is a big concern for me and I will tell you why!!!

As an Efik indigene, once we get attracted to one man that we give our heart to, who treats us right and also has the same sexual appetite that we have, WE STICK TO THEM no questions asked.

Yes.  It is known that we have a high sexual appetite and as such we need men that would be able to handle us real well. 

That’s why we are always caring to our men;

We make sure they eat the best meal when they come back from work; 

We do our best to keep the home steady and sparkling right in the way it should be;

And at the end of the day, we simply expect our men to come right into the room and reward us with our most price treasure that we long for. 

That’s Efik women for you. 

It’s in our blood.

So that’s why when my hubby started misbehaving and can’t seem to get it right again. 

It became a big problem for me.

Now one thing you need to know about us is that sometimes, our craving always give in to us having to look outside of our marriage and we do it secretly very well once we get a man that would perform the duties that our husbands has refused to do. But I love and care for my hubby so much that I decided taking matters in own hands and went out looking for solutions so that I can start enjoying what I have been missing

Did I find anything?

Yes.  I actually found a lot of options online which gave various pills and contortions for helping to deal with the issues that I wanted to help my hubby with. I tried most of them all and they all failed until I stumbled on this page where he talked about this superb natural 2 in 1 solution that has helped several Nigerians.

What made me more interested was the fact that it was NAFDAC approved and with other international approval. I also saw that I was not the only one experiencing this issue.

So I immediately got a pack. CLICK HERE

Now let me tell you this;

If I had known that I would turn my husband into a raging beast that would not stop, I would have at least prepared my mind for this super awesome experience.

So here is what happened;

When the package was delivered to me, I knelt down in front of my husband and poured my heart to him on why he needs to make use of this package. 

You know men with their ego. Thanks to God that he understood.

So he started with this package and even though one of the criteria given was not to have sex for a period of 2 week. 

We both agreed on it and I went ahead with my business.

Like I said, I never knew what I was about to unleash.  Just around the 19th day. My hubby came back from work unannounced around 9pm. I was

sleeping as at the time. 

He simply came right at me on the bed, removed his clothes and jumped right in. 

Truthfully, what happened next was actually the most intense love making session I have ever experienced.

We kept at this for hours non-stop till past mid night.

And that was the beginning of the smile in our marriage. 

Now fast forward 6 months after…  We are still at it with no signs of slowing down

Even right after He had finished the package. Now I don’t know what to call this.  But I will advise every man out there reading this to click on the link below here to also get their own
2 in 1 solution if they want to get the kind of experience I was able to get for my husband. It truly works.


CALL US ON 08038934814


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Story of Lagos House Wife on How Her Husband Treat Her Well in Bed

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