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How to use Forever Freedom

How to use Forever Freedom: Hello, I’m Mike Botwin, and I’m a fit ambassador for Forever Living Products sticking to a rigid exercise routine is absolutely key if you want to maintain or improve your fitness. Forever freedom is a great way to get your day moving. The orange-flavored gel is really refreshing and I love to have it with my breakfast.

Aloe is ideal for digestion and taking it regularly helps promote a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being, unlike the other gels in the forever range. forever freedom has a couple of additions firstly it contains glucosamine is extremely popular with people who feel their age may be hindering their ability to get out and about. thankfully I’m not at that stage yet myself but I still feel it’s really important to get it into my diet particularly when I’m still fit. Forever freedom also contains chondroitin sulfate, this is a substance it’s naturally found in our bodies in the cartilage and the joints.

Forever Freedom
Forever Freedom






Forever chondroitin is naturally derived from shellfish which means it’s of high quality and easy to digest. This gel definitely provides great nutritional support for anyone who does spore or leads an active lifestyle I can’t recommend it enough


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