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Working important tips to succeed in network marketing today

working important tips to succeed in network marketing today: The Biggest Challenge in MLM. Lemme just give you a hint…

It’s NOT:

-Finding people to talk to. (There are millions on social media)
-That people are skeptical. (That’s a weak excuse as millions are open)
-That people won’t sign up. (Plenty will)
-That people are lazy. (Loads of people are super motivated)

Here’s the biggest challenge…

We over-complicate the process!

Early in my career, I’d show my network marketing opportunity to people and they wouldn’t enroll… So I’d spend the next few months analyzing what I was doing wrong and thinking something was wrong with me… or the system… or my upline… or the company.

The truth is, nothing was wrong. I just wasn’t willing to get rejected enough.

When it comes to recruiting on social media, here’s a couple reasons why people fail: How to succeed In Network Marketing

1 – They use a failed strategy. They either build too much rapport with too few people, or they blindly spam people with no rapport building at all.

2 – They have a good strategy but don’t go through enough numbers. They reach out to 10, 20, 30 people and don’t have success and go back to the drawing board.

Lemme just share with you the real truth about recruiting on social media…How to succeed In Network Marketing

You have to go through a LOT of numbers!

The people crushing it online at the highest levels are reaching out to over 50 a day. That means they are getting MASSIVE rejection.

But guess what – that massive rejection is what leads to massive success.

So listen… don’t over-complicate the process. If you want to crush it at the highest levels:

1 Develop a plan

2 Work the numbers

How to succeed In Network Marketing

Question :

How do you convince people that network marketing is not a scam knowing that they have previous bad experience?
Reply when i was very young i bought my first car and got in love with a beautiful woman i open a restaurant with lots of passion and hard work!
I was cheated with the car, i am not married with the woman today, and i am not running a restaurant, but i have got a lot of experience, skills, personal development and friends, !
I did not conclude that i will never drive a car again, fall in love with a woman again or never run a business again, thats why i am married with the love of my life , driving nice cars and in Forever Living, where i 22 years ago joined as my 4th company to find the right one that match my experience and expectations!

Question :

I have lost a lot of money in my previous company, so never MLM again.
Reply: Did you got any good experience, like personal development, new friends, new skills and wisdom ?
My prospect, YES, but I lost a lot of money , I am a cashier in the bank so I better stay to that !
Reply: Can you use your good experience from MLM , as public speaking, recruiting, leadership, coaching, helping developing others etc as a cashier and do you get a lot of new friends in the bank ?
My prospect: NO not realy !

How to succeed In Network Marketing

Reply : ok then your money is lost, but why not call it an investment instead , investing your new skills etc, in a new company, where you make sure that the company match your demands and experiences ?
I can promise you that Forever Living honor all fair expectations and demands you can come up with based on your bad experience in the old company !
Do you want your money lost or invested ? How to succeed In Network Marketing

Contact me today for assistance on how to become a successful MLM in Forever Living Products 08038934814

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